Unfortunately, tracking isn't something we can influence in any way, the accuracy of the tracking depends on the platform and the device and is not connected with the game itself.

Note: Some PSVR players are experiencing problems with tracking while playing Beat Saber.

The most common situations are:

  • There is too much direct light in the room
  • The camera is wrongly positioned
  • The colour of the environment in the game projects to your room and matches the current colour of your Move controller.
    For example: when the environment in the game is red and your Move controller has also red colour – the PlayStation Camera is not able to read the controller, thus tracking is not accurate.
    If you are experiencing this problem try to turn off your TV while playing or lower the brightness of your TV.
    If the issue still continues, it must be a hardware problem and you should contact PlayStation support.
    In the future, we may add an option to turn on a black & white environment on your TV to prevent this issue with tracking.

This is probably due to wrongly set up Floor Adjustment. Go to Game Settings and set where is the floor. After that, go to Player Settings and set up your correct height.

We plan to change this aspect in the game as it might be a bit confusing right now.

Note: If you have Floor Adjustment correctly set up, it doesn't matter if you stand too close or too far away from the point from which the cubes are coming. It doesn't have any impact on the game.

We have seen this complaint several times and tried to replicate the situation in order to test it, in all cases, we found out that the player truly missed the note.
There is a chance the player was confused by the trail which follows after the cube, thus it seemed like the cube was cut.
If the game says 'bad cut' or 'miss' it is every time the correct information.

Nothing major changed in the game in the update v1.13.0 for PS4, we only changed mentioned Floor Adjustment which we plan to make even easier to understand. We also compensated audio latency, but this should work in the player's favour.

With the latest PS4 update, we decided to restore audio latency compensation to as it was before.

360° Levels are currently work in progress and we are still experimenting with this feature.
We are planning to release 360° Levels later this year, but we will do our best to release this feature as soon as possible.
We might have something done by summer 2019. Our intention is to bring this feature to all platforms but we will need to take in the consideration limits and possibilities of specific devices (tracking, safety instructions, etc.).

PSVR is a closed platform and Custom Levels together with user-generated content are currently not possible there.
We are not planning to add Level Editor to the game on this platform.

All songs in the OST 1, OST 2 are Content ID free and we plan the same for our upcoming OSTs. Unfortunately, we are not able to secure Content ID turned off for paid Music Packs which are coming from 3rd party labels. Because we are supporting the artists and their music, we respect their decision to keep Content ID turned on for their music.