Thank you for your interest in licensing Beat Saber for commercial use. The commercial arcade version of Beat Saber is available for licensing through the partners listed below. These partners provide the only authorized version approved to be used outside of personal home use. Beat Saber must be licensed by any operator whose main business is to charge a fee to customers to play the game. Operators interested in showcasing Beat Saber should look into the services provided by our partners below and contact them directly.

Important Notice: The version currently available on Steam is for personal home use only and may not be used for location-based entertainment.


If you are interested in featuring Beat Saber at events and/or conferences, please submit your request HERE. We will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.

Submit your event request HERE.

Any usage of Beat Saber at an event or conference requires an official license regardless if promotional or paid. All organizers must submit a request with an event summary, including location, dates, type of usage/display, and what headsets will be used for review by the Beat Games team. If approved, Beat Games will provide a specific build to be used during the event and will determine financial terms, if any, are required.

It is more important to Beat Games that Beat Saber be featured correctly and therefore we kindly ask for you to request permission as all distributors as subject to the same brand and usage guidelines.


Please note the following current usage guidelines if you are interested in featuring Beat Saber in any type of competitive or tournament use.

Local Competitions

At this time, Beat Saber may be used for local tournaments only. For clarity, this is when an arcade or commercial operation with an official commercial license from Beat Games plans to hold a competition among its customers within its one (1) location or contractually approved network of affiliates. License fee payments must be made directly to Beat Games or the third-party platform from which the games has been legally licensed. All operators need to adhere to the same brand and usage guidelines as contractually agreed to when licensed for normal operating hours.

As a reminder, the arcade version must be used in all instances and no modifications of the game are permitted such as importing songs or reworking the controller scheme; usage of the consumer home version is not authorized for local tournament play. Arcades with valid licenses do not need approval to engage in local tournaments, but may want to connect with the Beat Games team for review of any custom assets or social media support. Please contact us at

Public Tournaments

Beat Saber is currently not licensing its title for use in any public tournaments or VR esports initiatives. These are defined as tournaments across multiple third-party arcades as well as any leagues at the independent or university level intended to take place at any public locations or educational institutions. For more information you may contact us at with questions.

Any usage of Beat Saber in such way is unfortunately unsanctioned and a violation of usage rights. Organizers of these events will be liable for illegal usage which may result in financial damages to the developer and music artists. The Beat Games team is evaluating this space and enthusiastic about it, but is working out its strategy and respectfully asks for your patience.

Thank you for your understanding and we are looking forward to our future collaboration!